Am I really organized?

Today I told my husband I wanted to accomplish three things — one of them was to “quickly” clean up the garage. We had a few things taking up the space my husband usually parks, so I thought we’d take a half hour and make it so he could park inside again.

OH MY. I was wrong. After we’d been down there over an hour with little progress, we decided we would come back to it another day. Where do I put all the stuff? I thought it would be an easy fix, we would agree on the solutions and move along with our Saturday. But apparently I’m not as organized (or as great an organizer) as I thought.

I write about this to just ask for a shout out — are you a great organizer some days (or with some things) and not so great when it comes to others? We here at Scrapbooking Crafts and Storage are here to help you organize the unorganized, but today I might need to reach out and ask someone else for help. Don’t worry though, my scrapbooking stuff looks awesome and is totally organized!

Anyway, today I think my problem is I let too many little things build up. I think organization starts with simple things: ribbon organizers, cup holders and photo albums all gather the things creating clutter and give them a place. Then you take those little things and put them in bigger things, like desks and armoires.

What is your philosophy? How do you like to organize?

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