A CRAFT store. Seriously.

So I saw a great idea on Pinterest (shocker, I know!) and set out to get the supplies. Since I am new in town, I wasn’t quite sure where to go and my usual go-to stores were 25-30 minutes away. So I wandered in to the not-so-nice-part-of-town (there was a security guard!) Michael’s Arts and Crafts and thought I would quickly find what I need.

Well, not only did it take me a while to find the stuff for my project, I couldn’t find embroidery hoops anywhere near the floss and needles. So I found an associate and she went on about how they didn’t carry them. I was polite, but then started looking for the next associate because there was no way that this CRAFT store didn’t sell embroidery hoops. No way.

But, two associates and another scour of the section later, they were right. This Michaels wasn’t out of stock in embroidery hoops, but apparently hasn’t sold them for almost two years.

WHAAAAAAAT?! Isn’t cross-stitching and embroidery one of the oldest arts and crafts? I mean, really, who thought it was a good idea to keep selling [insert other type of craft I don't do] and take out the embroidery hoops? Whatever. I ended up driving 30 minutes to a different craft store chain that was equal on the not-so-nice part, but I completed my mission in embroidery hoops.

Have you had this type of experience lately? Have you been to a store you for sure thought would have something and they totally didn’t? Share with me. I’m interested!!!

Click on image for source. aedrial.blogspot.com

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