Dedicated to Dads

When I was younger my sister wrote a tribute to our dad for Father’s Day according to the Outback Steakhouse radio jingle. Do you remember it? Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1

He’s the one you can rely on
The shoulder you can cry on
He said “Just stand your ground”
“And never run away”

Verse 2
Well he taught you to be strong
He taught you right from wrong
And you know you can’t deny him
On his special day
So give him something special…

Chorus 1
Have an Outback Steakhouse Father’s Day
Celebrate Dad the Outback way
It’s the perfect way to say
“We love you Dad”… the Outback way

It was pretty catchy! And while I realize the jingle’s primary purpose was to sell steaks, there are some good lines in there that I’m sure we can all relate to in one way or another. I am grateful for my dad teaching me right from wrong and always being interested in what I am doing. I am also grateful that he is such a fun grandpa. Happy Father’s Day to all the men that have sacrificed something for their children.

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