Product Spotlight: Cricut Spatula Tool

This is a cool accessory for every Cricut owner! Ringing in at less than $5, this tool is perfect help when it comes time to life your simplest and most intricate designs created on your Cricut. With the soft touch handle and great ease of use design, this is a must have.

One reviewer (Meagan Johnson) said, “This spatula is a must have for the Cricut. I can do without all of the other tools sold in their tool kit, as long as I have this one that only costs less than $5. Buy it, you will be glad you did!”

Another reviewer (J. Burns) said, “This is a must-have product if you purchase one of the Cricut cutters. The mats ARE sticky and if you try to pull the remaining paper up with your hands it will curl up. I’m not sure how you would get your shapes/letters up without it!”

This cool and affordable tool is available now by clicking here. You won’t be sorry when it arrives!

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