Tips and Tricks

Have you seen the countless DIY (Do-it-yourself) tips and tricks all over the internet lately? Some things seem a bit intimidating to me, but I’ve found a few that look simple and easy enough for even me to tackle.

Never lose your rings again with this easy ring-organizer.

Make your own laundry soap! It seems fairly easy and so frugal. Have any of you tried it?

And don’t forget, while you’re making, creating, and DIY-ing, use our ScrapMaBob. It clamps on any desk, making a cup holder and a garbage easily near your reach.

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Mother’s Day Giveaway! (Comment on this post to win)

In honor of Mothers Day, it’s GIVEAWAY time! Scrapbookingcraftsandstorage is giving away an Arrow Sewing Cabinet worth over $140! This cabinet will allow for years of creating sewing and craft projects. Entering is easy-all you have to do is “like” scrapboookingcraftsandstorage on Facebook HERE, then leave a comment on this post with your email address (so we can contact you if you’re the winner). That’s it! Giveaway ends Saturday May 12th at midnight MST. Winner will be notified through email.

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Quotes to Craft By

My mother in law has the ultimate craft room. Lots of cubbies, counterspace, and quotes. The quotes just make me want to stay in there forever.

“My husband and I started a workshop. He works, and I shop!”

“Cinderella is proof that a pair of of shoes can change the world.”

“He’s sew good to me.”

What are some quotes that inspire you?

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The ribbon box organizer

I love to make bows for my girls. The problem is, it’s so hard to organize the endless amounts of ribbon. The solution?

The ribbon box! It can hold up to 27 ribbon spools! It makes me so happy when I pull it out and see all the colors just waiting to be made into cute stuff like this:

Oh the fun! Now if only I had more time for creativity!

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FB Giveaway-Old Town Set of 3 Black Leather Photo Albums!

It’s GIVEAWAY time! Scrapbookingcraftsandstorage is giving away a set of 3 Black Old Town Leather Photo Albums worth over $40! Entering is so easy-all you have to do is “like” scrapboookingcraftsandstorage on Facebook HERE and SHARE this picture on your wall. Then go to the giveaway link on Scrapbookingcraftsandstorage’s Facebook page, find the promo picture, and comment that you shared. The best news is you can share/comment once a day, so the more you share, the better your chances! Giveaway ends Saturday, March 17th at midnight MST.

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Organizing around the House

I have been filing away some good ideas for home organization and I thought you may be interested in these good ideas. Check it out:

For those with front loading appliances:

For those with top loading appliances:

Linen closet genius:

And for us crafters:

Have you seen any good organization tips lately? Share them with us!

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Quilting Supplies? Check!

Have y’all noticed the new section of the site? We are happy to now be carrying quilting supplies! There are lamps, quilting frames, long-arm quilting frames and much more. We know that if you love scrapbooking and crafts, you’ll love to quilt too. Now we are a one-stop shop for all of the necessities! Are you a quilter? When did you start quilting?

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Simple Organizer You Can Build Yourself

I just moved. There is little (aka NO) storage in this house except the garage. So my Christmas decorations, skinny clothes and wrapping paper (among 1000 other things) are all stacked in plastic bins. If I want something on the bottom, I have to take down the other four bins on top! It’s a pain. I looked into storage shelves and (MAN!) they are expensive. Then I ran across this gem:

PVC Organizer

Isn’t it great? It is so simple that I’m sure I could even do it myself. Is there a space in your home that could use this great storage shelf? What do you think about tackling this project?

The instructions are written at this link too.

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Am I really organized?

Today I told my husband I wanted to accomplish three things — one of them was to “quickly” clean up the garage. We had a few things taking up the space my husband usually parks, so I thought we’d take a half hour and make it so he could park inside again.

OH MY. I was wrong. After we’d been down there over an hour with little progress, we decided we would come back to it another day. Where do I put all the stuff? I thought it would be an easy fix, we would agree on the solutions and move along with our Saturday. But apparently I’m not as organized (or as great an organizer) as I thought.

I write about this to just ask for a shout out — are you a great organizer some days (or with some things) and not so great when it comes to others? We here at Scrapbooking Crafts and Storage are here to help you organize the unorganized, but today I might need to reach out and ask someone else for help. Don’t worry though, my scrapbooking stuff looks awesome and is totally organized!

Anyway, today I think my problem is I let too many little things build up. I think organization starts with simple things: ribbon organizers, cup holders and photo albums all gather the things creating clutter and give them a place. Then you take those little things and put them in bigger things, like desks and armoires.

What is your philosophy? How do you like to organize?

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Arts and Crafts KEEP YOU SANE

Last week when I was in Michaels, I ran across this cute Mary Engelbreit print that I thought y’all would enjoy:

Visit Mary's Blog:

Even when I feel like I don’t have enough time to breathe, I know that if I set some time away for my projects I will feel so much better! I should buy this print and hang it by my computer to remember to do some “traditional” crafting. How do you keep yourself sane?

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